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ذكرى النكبة المشترك | Joint Nakba Remembrance Ceremony

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    Mensaje de Combatants for Peace con motivo de la “Ceremonia conjunta palestina-israelí por el día de la Nakba”.

    Meet our keynote speakers who will address the “Joint Palestinian-Israeli Nakba Day Ceremony”:
    Former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg who will call on Israelis to stop denying and start acknowledging past injustices, and Prof. Muhammad Dajani, director of the Institute for American Studies at Al-Quds University, who will call on Palestinians to learn from the lessons of the past for the future.
    Burg: It is impossible to change the injustices of the past. But must we relive them for ever and ever? Clearly not. After all, some can be rectified, and others compensated. Above all, it is our duty to truly acknowledge, accept responsibility and be ready to pay the price of reconciliation, high as it may be.
    Dajani: The Palestinian people still remember the events of 1948. These memories of the catastrophe in Palestine are shaped by differences in gender, generation and geographic location. By exploring the power of the past, this issue of memory reveals its importance for understanding the disputed history of the present, and for teaching us a lesson for the sake of building a promising future.
    Join us today for the Joint Nakba Day ceremony, which will be broadcast live from Palestine on the Facebook and YouTube pages of Combatants for Peace.
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    Grabación de la ceremonia en Facebook:



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